BronxKnits Big Day

Yesterday I went on an orgy of exploration; I rode my bike to 3 separate yarn shops here in New York City.

Last Wednesday I heard tell of a yarn store in the lower hundreds while at Starbucks. I struck up a conversation with a woman who was knitting (The guy behind her gave me a look of combined wonderment and anger. My guess was he was trying to work up the nerve to chat her up and my innocent but rather lengthy conversation about yarn stores and knitting may have ruined his plans; or convinced him to start knitting.) and she told me of a new (8 months) store that was one avenue over and at 108. I filed this information away, went to my men’s knit night and rode home.

Friday I decided I needed some knitting gear. I wanted a project bag from ( I got one in camo and one in burgundy. I like them because they have a small snap loop on the inside of the bag to put around your yarn so it resists tangling. I also needed to wind the last of my Ausi Wool. I needed to do the collar and arm holes in my vest. So, I packed my messenger bag with my vest, hanks of yarn, my plastic deli-bag of socks and set off.

My first stop was Yarntopia. It is a cool store on Amsterdam and 108 in New York City. I have no affiliation with any of the stores I mention so take my comments for what they are: customer opinion, nothing more nothing less. I liked Yarntopia, but did not buy anything because my bag was full and I was low on cash. I chatted with the owner for a bit, enjoyed the AC and the shoved off for other stores.

Stop two was The Yarn Co. on Broadway and 82. I went in, saw some of the same faces around the knitting table bought my bags from one of the friendlier associates who remembered me once I reminded her what I had purchased and sat down at the table to knit my sock. This has to be a victim of the Un-Knitting Gnomes because it seems to grow slowly, if at all. I had an interesting conversation with a woman who was in NYC for the first time from Arizona; it is fun to see something you are familiar with through new eyes. Then I shoved off again, down three streets to......

My third stop, Knitty City. I love Knitty City, they have always been nice to me (even when I was not knitting and just buying yarn for my mother) and I joint their Wed. men’s knit night. The cool associates let me roll yarn that I had not bought there, helped me pick up stitches for the collar of my vest, showed me projects they were working on and in general made me feel welcome and like I belong. THAT is what I look for in a LYS and that is why I will be going back to Knitty City for a good long time.

I rode back up Yarntopia to meet Sweetie. I made it there before she did because of an issue with the trains. I had another nice chat with the owner of Yarntopia who invited me to sign up for her "Men’s Knit Out" and sold me a very reasonably priced Addi Turbo I am using now on my vest. Sweetie met me and took a look around the store, murmured her approval and took me out to a Thai dinner that was excellent; I had Pad Thai. Then I rode home for a grand total of 12 miles of city riding (much more exciting and heart pounding than gym riding; no yellow cabs and unmarked cop cars at the gym) two small project bags, an Addi Turbo and some wound balls of yarn and some excellent Pad Thai as well as a slice of Sweetie’s steak.

It was an Excellent day.

Now I am sipping tea, listening to Colin Hay and working on my vest. Almost done.

Have a good weekend Y’all



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Wow, sounds exciting. I wish I could live in a big city like NYC. It seems there's a lot more venues that are more resourceful fo male knitters.