Three new pairs of socks

Finished three pairs of socks in a week and a half. I am heading back to Canada for the autumn so they will be appreciated.


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Good for you! . . . .
They look wonderful.!
...socks are my favorite thing to knit...because I don't wear sweaters...

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How in the world did you do 3 pair in one week! What size needles? Geez, it takes me about a week to do one sock. I'm on socks this year, I do toe up with % based formula and garter heels. I usually use 1's or 0's. I wish I could do a pair or two a week. Man, you must be a fast knitter!

Rob in OKC

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Wow?! How do you knit so quickly. It takes me about a week PER SOCK! (using Sz. 2).


They're awesome.

Grace and Peace,

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I was not working and had all day for knitting. I didn't want t start a big project and socks are just the right thing.

Well, lacking for an original way to say essentially the same thing, your speed is impressive, and so, too, are the results! Nice work!