First attempt

at dyeing yarn, via the kool aid method. I was kinda "blegh" about this method, then I saw some yarns that had been dyed with it at the LYS and decided to give it a try. I could definitely see doing more dyeing in the future! (I've always enjoyed dyeing fabrics, so why not yarns?)


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The color looks nice, I will have to look into it. SOmetimes you look and look and the color that you are looking for is nowhere to be found. KoolAid , dyeing yarn sounds decadent ha ha ha!

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That's the draw to dyeing for able to (hopefully) get exactly the shades I'm looking for, in whatever combo I'm looking for!

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Where did you buy the yarn that you dyed? Was it white when you started or did you add colours to an already coloured yarn? It is beautiful and I congratulate you. I can imagine that worked up into a sweater or vest.

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For this one I just used a plain white wool yarn ($6.00 for 350 yrds or so) since it was my first attempt...didn't want to botch up something nicer. I did pick up some yarn that's spun by the owner of the shop that's specifically for dyeing, and is a bit nicer quality for later on though.

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BEAUTIFUL !!!! . . . .
Love the muted colours!

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Can you share more of the kool aid method? Is there a site or electronic address giving directions?


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OK! So how much koolaid did you use for this yarn? I've dyed with kool aid, but never got the richness of that black cherry??????


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I pretty much tripled the called for amount...I'm all about darker/richer hues and just wasn't getting what I wanted w/the regular amounts.

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will be doing so shortly! Thinking about doing a line of queer themed ones since I kept coming back to "rough trade" for this one, lol!

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basically the sugerless kool-aids are nothing more then food safe acid dyes in pre-measured amounts, with the acids already mixed in.

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