Kool Aid Dyeing

I feel goofy typing the instructions, cuz it's just so simple.

Basically it's this:
Get kool aid in whatever flavors (errrrr....colors) you want. I recommend picking 3-6 packs of each color, depending on how deep a color you want.

Prep the yarn by washing it in a mild soap/water mixture and rinsing. You'll want to use animal-based yarns...acrylic and the like won't take the dye. Not sure about silks/plant/etc...probably a little online research would give an answer for that though.

Mix KA in a *small* amount of water...the more concentrated the mix, the deeper the color. (I like deeper hues, so I did mine kinda thick)

If you're doing just one color, simply pour the mix over the yarn, making sure you get it into the center of the skein/ball.

If you're doing multi-color....apply as you will! (using turkey baster/vet's syringe/whatever)

place in a microwave safe dish, cover and microwave for 2-3 minutes....let cool, turn over, and repeat.

Rinse the yarn...though I ahve to say that when I rinsed it VERY little color came out, almost none, really. Apparently, KA is so acidic that it doesn't need a mordent to set it (like vinegar/salt/etc)

The only downside of this I can see is that the colors can be somewhat muted (though rich) and your house smells like the Kool Aid Man farted while you're doing it.

(and yes, it's colorfast)


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Not to mention the smell of hot, wet wool! I tried it and while I liked the results I had to use a ton of kool-aid to get dark enough colors.