about why circular size 5 needles tend to be shorter than other needles? It seems like in a lot of brands, size 5's have a shorter needle...dropping down after 6, then going back to "normal" length in 4's.

Why is that?


Uh, well:

It's your vendor that's the problem. Circs are produced in all the standard lengths. What your LYS decides to buy is their decision. F'rinstance, our LYS carries all sizes from 1's to 15's in Clover, etc. You might have to do some looking online for what you want. OR: check out for some custom sets with interchangeable lengths. There are lots of avenues to cruise . . .


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I've seen size five circular needles up to 60 inches. I agree that it's most likely your LYS. There aren't too many projects that I can think of that would require a large circular needle knit with size five needles, and I shudder to think of anyone committing to more than ribbing for a sweater on such small needles...ichh...