Help with Sweater Pattern

I am going to knit my first adult-sized sweater and not one that is in the round and have a couple of questions on the pattern. It's the Jesse's Flame pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I'm actually not going to do the flame pattern.

The first question is what do I do when the pattern says, "Work 1 row even."?

The second question is when it comes to the neckline directions. It says, "Joining a new ball of MC to left front, work both sides of neck at once and cont to dec on st at each should edge EOR and, at the same time, BO 1 st from each neck edge EOR until there is 1 st on each side." I don't understand the portion of the instructions in bold. I don't get how to "work both sides of neck at once" especially since there are going to be 2 working yarns. The pattern doesn't say to break yarn from the original working yarn.

Can anyone help? Feel free to send me your written help to

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hey Keith,

Work 1 row even means to work one row without increases or decreases.  So you would work one row in whatever pattern you are working in.  If it's stockinette stitch, you would do a row of just knitting (or purling if it's a wrong side row).  In the case of Jesse's Flame, I think you are working a pattern stich (something like a wide ribbing), so you just continue in that pattern.

When you get to the shoulders and neckline, you WILL have two working yarns and that's exactly what they mean by working both sides at once.  Instead of knitting just the right front then going back and joining a new ball and knitting the left front, you will work on both at once.  After you bind off the center stiches for the collar and join a second ball of yarn to the left front, you will basically have two pieces of knitting on your needles...the left front with the new ball and the right front with the original working yarn.  Let's say you are on a knit row:  You will work across the left shoulder (assuming you are right handed), drop your working yarn when you get to the neck and pick up the yarn for the right shoulder and continue knitting on the right shoulder.  You'll turn your work when you get to the end and purl back across the right shoulder, drop your yarn at the neck and pick up the other working yarn to purl across the left shoulder.  It's not at all necessary to do it that way, so if you prefer, work one at a time (you can put one shoulder on a stich holder while you work the other, if you want).  I guess the advantage is consistency.  If you work both sides at once, you are more likely to avoid changes in your tension, plus you finish both sides at the same time, which is kind of nice.

Good luck on the sweater.  Keep us posted.

Thanks JPaul.  Big duh on the "work even". I found similar information on "work at same time" in the knitting section of but it still didn't make sense. Your explanation made it perfectly clear.

I will definitely keep you all posted on my progress. It might be some time though before I post anything