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I've recently been dealing with a nerve problem that has made my left foot perpetually numb, so I decided that I deserved a special sock to keep it warm. I chose this pattern from Knitty for a toe-up sock, something I've never tried before. I completed the toe last night and was very pleased with how much nicer it is than the bound-off versions that most top-down patterns offer. The heel is shaped in exactly the same way as the toe, and there is apparently no gusset, which I guess makes this a sort of tube sock. I'll see when I get to the leg section.

Anyway, after that extraneous background story, my real question is whether any of you sock knitting guys know of a website where I can read about different sock styles and techniques. I'm not interested in patterns so much as understanding the different ways that people have developed for constructing knitted foot coverings. I'm also interested in hearing your comments about different sock techniques that you have tried.

Thanks in advance for your help. I already have too many sweaters, vests and hats, so now I'm getting inspired to create too many socks. :-)


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you might look at Cat Bordhi's new book "New Pathways for sock knitters"'s fascinating new ways to shape will get you thinking...
full of patterns.

Herr Micheal von Tampadorf (aka stickywarp) is the man when it comes to socks. If anyone knows sock techniques, it is he. If you don't hear from him via this forum, email him privately. I've seen the Knitty site you reference, but I haven't tried it yet. I just tried my first toe-up sock and it wasn't going well, so I'm giving it another try. Maybe this Knitty site would be the ticket . . .

Good luck.


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I knitted my first pair of socks a few months ago. I used the following techniques and knitted the socks on 2 circular needles:

I used the Knitty page you referenced to get the approximate measurements/stitches.

For the cast on, I used the "Magic Cast on" also on Knitty. I was very pleased with the look. The link is:

Then I used "Silver's Sock Class" for knitting the heel as it has pictures, and since I am very visual, this helped a lot. Don't get confused. When she talks about "Sock A" and "Sock B" she is actually teaching how to do two socks at once on 2 circular needles. The site is:

Good luck!

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hThis is great website you can look at up! It will help you knitting a toe up or top down
one of knitting blogger "misocrafty" she made a post about "Sock Knitting resorces" Listed all the socks website!


the SockKnitter's forum ( is a great resource for sock information on the net. As for a good basic book to have on hand, my vote goes to 'Folk Socks' by Nancy Bush. Not only does it offer history on knitted footwear and a large section of great patterns, but it also has a large section on the techniqes of knitting socks, from cuffs, legs, heel and toes, to proportions and measuring for a good fit.