Ever want to cry?

I have just finished the front of my sweater. The intarsia worked well for having done it for the first time, but I realize now my proportions are horrible off. Its too long, the armholes are too small, and the neck will also be far too small if I actually knit the collar. I'm in a bad place about it and I'm coming up with every reason to start a different project and try making a sweater again when I have a bit more guidance.

I'm frustrated, but I don't know which would be better: Scrapping the project and starting something new and less traumatic, or finishing.

Any advice?


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Hey Patchwork! Sorry to hear about your plight. I just finished knitting my argyle sweater panel for the third time, it has taken months....I also had a similar proportion problem. Now that I have it right, it was definitely worth it. I know its painful to rip but you'll be that much more satisfied with it when you're done.
So my vote is to finish it!

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Yep, know that feeling well!

S T O P ! ! !

This was your sacrificial sweater - you know: the one you 'meant' to screw up so that you'd have a wonderful learning experience. Isn't that right? Of course it is. Now that you've made all those 'planned' detours you'll know better next time.

So, hop in the car and run down to Michael's or Wally World, plop down about 5 buck for poly fill, go home and sew up the cuffs and the bottom of the sweater and fill 'er up with the poly nice and packed full. Sew up the neck and VOICI! A wonderful pillow that you can enjoy AND use as a reminder of all the good things you learned making it.

I suggest you then begin another one right away. When one falls off a horse, the best thing is to get up, dust off, and hop right back on; otherwise the horse will know that he's won! =^D

Congratulations on your first sweater/pillow. There p'rolly will be others . . .

~Mike in Tampa
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Been there, done that. Feel your pain.

I take these opportunities to remember some bigger life lessons -1) Some things just aren't perfect, 2) Nothing is really permanent, 3) Sometimes projects, like people, need to be put in "time out."

Only you know what is best for you to do. Set it aside for a while, go ahead and frog it out, sew it up into a pillow, or any other option. Know that what you have done is not all for naught.


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I am sure we all wish we were right beside you to guide you along the way and tell you about all the mistakes we made on our first sweaters and often still make. Do not give up. What is a little speed bump in your road to perfection?

In the Yarn Harlot's books "Knitting Rules" we learn that we have to knit lots of crap before we get anything good.

If it cannot be saved, think of it as one piece of crap closer to something awesome!

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All is not lost!
If the front is wide enough...
mark a new neckline and ernscyes.
Machine sew them, and CUT to new shape.
...frog bottom to correct length and finish off.

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keep trying - don't give up - the best advice I ever got from a knitter was to just rip it out - the joy is in the finished product - and while it's upsetting to back up all that work, remember, it's the WORK that we love - and you can do it again. The joy of knitting is the fact that we have the ability to create, edit, rip and re-do until we're satisfied. In the kind words of Brenda Dayne from Cast-On, take a deep breath, pour a nice glass of wine (or tea) find a comfortable chair and rip it out -

good luck! :)