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just thought I would throw this out here and see if any of you buy yarn from the small farms that sheer their own sheep and spin it in to yarn or if you all pretty much just buy from your yarn shops. If you do buy from your small farms would love to have you share what you get from them and where they are


I sometimes buy from a place in the north of England from a farm who have rare breed sheep. They also make up clothing from their woven fabrics.

Check them out at

The wools I have used have been good quality with good stitch definition.

It's worth a look.

I have several shepherds that I buy from. Not yarn but fleeces. I wash/scour/card them myself then spin them up either on a spindle or a wheel. There are lots of them out West in Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Kansas even here in Florida.

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I buy yarn from Ideuma Creek Alpacas ( ). They will be one of my "must buys" at the upcoming New York State Sheep and Wool Festival next month. There is also some organic plant dyed yarn (from organically raised sheep) that I get from the gift shop at a nearby farm community ( ). These purchases are reserved for special items and gifts because the yarn is a bit on the expensive side.