Books/sites on dyeing

So, I'm definitely going to be getting more into dyeing my own yarns. I'm curious if those of you who do the same have book (or site) recommendations on that subject, because of course every book/site says **it's the only one you need to bother with** lol!


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I have dyed my own yarn. I listed three sites that I found helpful as well as how I started out in my blog at

I played around with it a lot and have found some other cool techniques that I would be happy to share.

Have fun!

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I've done kettle dyeing. The result of which you can see on my blog here or on my normal blog.

Depending on which type dyeing you're interested in, there are several sites you could refer to. Here are the sites I perused before deciding:

I'm looking forward to seeing your results!

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Back in the 80's I bought this nifty little booklet by Jean Neel called "I'd Rather Dye Laughing." It's a great introduction to all sorts of dying - she really encourages the reader to jump in and experiment. I'm surprised that it's still in print, but it is, and you can get it here:


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Think less, enjoy it more.