Shaving Felt


I have recently felted a wool bag. As it is drying, I am wondering if I can shave it using the electric clippers I use to shave my head. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it turn out?


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I don't suggest using the same razor you use for your head.  It is not designed to do such a thing.  There are, believe it or not, clothes shavers.  They were created to shave off the pilling that occurs on your garments, particularly sweaters.  I, unfortunately, cannot tell you where you can purchase one.  I received mine as a gift many years ago.  I can certainly find out the manufacturer for you.

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When I've shaved garments in the past, I've used a razor blade, or  just a normal disposable shaver. Is it really fluffy? then maybe you need to full it a bit more (ie toss it around  to get the fibres to felt, or throw it into the clothes dryer for a bit.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kev. I have been hoping that someone who's tried it would eventually chime in. I took my clippers to the bag today and it turned out well.