ok...i want to knit a scarf (vertically).....that's reversible, with 2 colors. but i want my colorways running vertically, not horizontally.

can i:
cast on w/ color a
*k1p1 in color a, k1p1 in color b* rep to end
*pik1 in color b, k1p1 in color a* rep to end?

thing is...i don't want any floats.......

or should i
cast on w/ color a
*k1p1(2x) color a; sl1 knit wise, sl1 purl wise (2x)* ending k1p1(2x) color a
*sl1 knit wise, sl1 purl wise (2x); k1p1(2x) color b* ending sl1 knit wise, sl1 purl wise (2x) color b

any help??


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I suggest using the first version, but if you do it like you write you'll end up pulling the colors around the back like intarsia, so it wouldn't be reversible. You just need to use a new strand of yarn with each stripe. So if you have 3 stripes color a and three for color b, you will have 6 strands total hanging from your work. And don't forget to twist the yarns when you're changing colors so that the stripes stay together!

Or, you could do it horizontally, casting on on the long edge of the scarf and then switching colors every few rows...

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Another option would be to do your first method, but do it in the round (which I guess means it isn't exactly your first method, since every row is the same). There will be floats, but they will be hidden on the inside of the tube. There are a couple of disadvantages with this method (it makes a rather thick scarf), but it is definitely reversible.

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I just found this pattern where she knit the scarf lengthwise with 5 different colors which may be another way to do it:


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if you knit it the long way...be aware that it will "grow"...it stretches MUCH more than you'd expect...

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You could do it by double knitting the whole thing. Google double knitting techniques and you should find some videos and instructions. By using the double knitting technique you can do the vertical stripes but it will be reversed on the back (ie. color a will be color b on the back) also the scarf will be double thick. Now if you want to use more than two colors I don't think this will work.

Basically cast twice as many stichtes as you want, or you could hold both color a and b together when you cast on then just make sure you knit them separately.

Now when you begin knitting if you want to do a k1 p1 rib you will * k into the first with color A then bring both strings of yarn to the front and p into the second stitch with color B (this will make your first knit stitch on both sides). Now to do the purl stitch with both strands in the front p into stitch 3 with color A. Move both strands to the back and knit into stitch 4 with color B*. Repeat the starred second to the end of the row, turn your work and start over but first determine wether you're starting on a knit or purl. Cause if it's a purl you'll end up with double knitted seed stich scarf instead of ribbed.
Actually you don't even need to make it ribbed if you don't want because I don't think double stockinnette stitch would roll, but I could be wrong. I really haven't done much in double knitted technique.