Another male knitter, maybe.

A friend just called and told me he was crocheting!!  He is coming to visit for Thanksgiving and wants me to show him how to knit.  This is very exciting as I am hoping it will be something he grows to like and it will keep his hands busy instead of holding cigarettes!!  When I talked to him he was excited that he was actually able to create something.  I told him that is part of what draws me to knitting is that I MADE IT!!  I doubt I will ever become the knitter some of you other posters are but the fact that I am able to make something that is not only attractive but useful is hugely satisying.

Back to cleaning the house, ugh. 


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As an ex-smoker, knitting really does help. I overcame the nicotine withdrawals without too much fanfare, it was more a matter of what to do with my hands. Knitting really helped me channel that nervous energy. And receiving compliments on a hat or a pair of gloves that you made is really gratifying - and people are so amazed when you state that you made it. So - are we knitters at risk of being labeled "converters" when we teach someone new?