Two-at-a-time Socks

I have looked at a few books that address the subject of knitting socks two at a time. Has anyone read any of these and can anyone make a recommendation as to the best one? Or, are there other sources where I can learn to knit two socks at at time?


Uh, . . . . Don't do it. You're gauge will not be transferable to the second sock and you'll end up with two socks of different sizes.

Trust me. Sounds like a great innovative idea, but it's not.

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Sometimes I'll knit two at a time---but not on the same needle! I'll just have two going and work on one for awhile and then work on the other one! It makes the end product appear to arrive sooner than completing one sock at a time!

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two socks on two circular needles...
did it, following my Neenah Galati DVD...
...they turned out beautifully...
but I prefer using DP's

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I agree with Kev. I learned to knit socks in this fashion and it's the only way I'll do them. I have never had any difficulty with gauge/tension and when one is completed, both are completed. It's brilliant! I learned in a class so I only have the instructor's instructions.

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I like to knit socks on 2 circular s at same time. Socks come out the same length without counting rows. I have not had a problem with gauge.