Ok I have been given a single ball of blue qiviuk. I have no idea where my friend got it all I know is that it costs an obscene amount of money. Has anyone worked with this stuff before? How does one harvest the down from an arctic musk ox anyway?


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you pluck the shed qiviut from vegetation on the range.

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I have worked with it before - it's very soft - the stuff I used was super fine - I stranded 2 together, and made the halfdome hat - it turned out pretty nice - super super soft (and you're right; wayyyy expensive!)

the fur kind of sheds from the creatures and becomes big quiviuk tumbleweeds - folks gather that and it's then cleaned and spun... it's super expensive - and I was happy to use it once... I don't know that I'll pay that much for yarn again - not sure if it is worth it - but it's NIIIIICE to work with and everyone should do it at least once in their life!

make sure to send a thank you note to your friend that gave you the ball of quiviuk... enjoy it! :)




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In Heaven there will be many fiber tumble weeds :)

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OHHHHH aren't I jealous!!!! I've read about it online but never got to knit with it, (don't know why I think I want some since it's 5 times warmer than wool and I live in north TX!) but, on that site it was over $70 a skein! Sounds luscious! Have fun with it! Wish I could pet it a while! LOL!

Take the journey! Knit!