Wrath of the Trojan

No, this is not a scarytale about a broken rubber!

My poor computer was afflicted with Trojan w32 Looksky.


It's fine now...really...

Everything's actually BETTER than back to normal because a lot of other junk was cleaned out as well.

Oh, it was a journey into the depths of bits and bytes and moves and deletes and cuts and pastes and tapping that infernal F8 just to start up in safemode a gazillion times...all to find out that THAT part was just the diagnostic...the actual cleaning out and ridding myself from this beast was as simple as downloading ONE simple program and running it, letting it do its job and letting it reboot the computer, etc. After realising that it was actually all that simple and going through all that heartache and deleting some things for good that I didn't need to...I was about ready to cleanly rip out whatever little bit of hair I still have on my head.

...and then, knowing me, cast on for a hat to accomodate.

...but I'm back.

The job search is going well, I have a couple of different people that have asked me to work, and it being the weekend, I have a decision to make, but that's a decision that I'm glad to be making...

One place, I'd get free use of the internet and would be able to keep in touch with everyone all day long, and the pay is good and the people are good and they like me...and I would -- oh yes, this is the best part -- be able to KNIT AT WORK!!! Suffice to say, it's a customer service position (actually, a "client" service position -- doing more or less just like that chick on "Criminal Minds")

So, I guess things are looking up...with the rescue from that horrible Trojan, to finding out that I'm actually going to be going back to work, instead of sitting here all day long in my blue pussycat nightshirt, eating jelly candies dreaming of life in that trailor park in the sky.

Glad to be back!