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Hey Ya'll, Just started knitting a month ago. I tried on this pair of felted clogs that a girl friend of mine just finished and had to have a pair. I knew that if I was going to ever have a pair I would have to make them myself. So, off to a yarn shop with my friend and got the stuff....... found this great web site ( learned how to knit the continental way, and off I went. Here is a photo of the clogs........ and the next pair that I'm making my mom. This is such a hoot.... how huge these thing are before they are felted. I probably should have started with a simple scarf but oh well.... us artist type have to just dive in and go for it..... hope to learn some stuff from this blog site. Ya'll take care..... Bill


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...doesn't matter what you "should have" started off with...

...very good job -- especially for a beginner tackling a project like this...

...and they felted VERY well.

Excellent work.


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The Felted Clogs are a great project! A bunch of us did a knit-along with them last year around this time. I agree that they are ridiculously large before you felt them. The pair I made for myself were so bug I could fit my forearm in them. My co-workers thought I was crazy until I brought them in after felting, then they all wanted a pair. I've made them for myself, mom, dad and older brother. All have been a great success.

What yarn did you use? I used Patons Classic Wool for all of mine, which felts very nicely.

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Hi Bill,

Very impressive! Great color, felted! I've been knitting for ages and haven't yet tackled the clog - I should dig out my directions and try a pair for the winter. You're in inspiration!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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should a, would a, could a...Heck - What counts is what you *DID*!
and the clogs look pretty d*mned good!

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I've only gotten as far as buying the pattern. I also like the dive right attitude. I drove right into scarves though! (a little dive). The paintings on your webpage are fantastic as well.

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I like! Any idea where I might find the pattern?

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It's a Fiber Trends pattern. Most every yarn store has them.

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Thanks for the nice complements! I just finished a second pair. Thank goodness Christmas is gives me a reason to spend money on yarn.