Help on a needle issue

I am working on a scarf for my wife in the round. I'm about 2 feet in and using an interchangeable system. Every 50-100 stitches I have to stop and screw the cable back into the needle tip because it has become partially unscrewed.

Basically this is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this from happening?

Thanks alot


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I've never had this problem with the interchangable needle system I use (Options by KnitPicks). What needles are you using? I'm assuming you're using the tightening tool, and not just hand tightening them.

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The answer to all things: Duct Tape!


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use a bit of something nailpolish...or museum wax... to deter unscrewing...
Don't use Superglue...unless you have the remover...

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Please share what system of interchangable needles you are using! I'm ready to purchase and don't want to make a mistake.


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sometimes with Denise needles if i don't get them totally locked in they'll pull out. Also you might be knitting tightly so the friction on the cable is causing it to turn or twist as you knit. You might try just moving the stitches back and forth on the needle at the end of the row to make sure they're not binding on the cable.

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Hey , I've also had that problem too and I use the Knit Mates interchangable system. It drives me nuts to have to screw em back on all the time too, but haven't found a solution. I was afraid I'd break em if I tried to tighten them anymore. Let us know if you find a solution.

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I think it was a Behl interchangeable system. It's been a few weeks since I bought it.

I'm afraid duct tape would get in the way and or gum the entire system up. I haven't been using the tightener recently, although I did use it at first.

I may give some nail-polish a shot... thanks for the help.

I own a set of interchangeable needles (by boye) and hate them. I use them to transfer projects or to store WIPs. I'd rather take the time and buy a set of Clover circulars or Addis or something nice, because I figure 1, the enjoyment I'll get out of knitting the project is worth it, and 2, I'll probably need it again in the future, and 3, if not, someone can benefit from me having it someday. I'm in love with my Clover US8 16in circulars right now and they're turning into my hat needles since i can't stop making hats.

My kit of interchangeables had the tightening tool, and it also came with some kind of gripping material. It's the kind of stuff you use to open pickle jars and such. If yours doesn't have that, I highly recomend getting a little scrap of it -- the foamy stuff you line kitchen shelves in works wonders!

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