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I am a new knitter, finnally got my wife to teach me last week. I am knitting a scarf out of some organic cotton yarn called "Inca Cotton" It's really nice, kind of a beige color which is the natural plant color. I've been knitting it for a few days and have only got about 18", then I grabbed some other yarn to see if I still remember how to cast on and I couldn't remember how. I was great at casting on a few days ago! Oh well my wife will refresh me. Anyway thats my introduction.



Hi and welcome to the site

At the beginning it all seems mystical and impossible to remember.
To cast on go as if to knit but put the new stitch on the left needle instead of the right as in knitting. Hope that helps.
See you around.
PS which coast, east or west? 
Knit away, knit away

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Thanks for the welcome Martin. About an hour after posting I remembered how to cast on so sat there and cast on and off for about 10 minutes. I live on the west coast, the Mendocino coast to be more specific.



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