Looking for a crocheted clerical stole pattern

I am wondering if someone can help me find a crocheted clerical stole pattern, my friend is being ordained in June and I would love to make her one, but I don't know how to knit, but I am an avid crocheter. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Melissa

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Melissa - a crocheted clerical stole would be pretty easy - but the *first* thing you want to do is find out from your friend what type stole she prefers. They range from very narrow (about 3 inches) to very wide (almost 8 inches) and some have shaping at the neck, etc. Also check on LENGTH.

I got lucky in that my nephew prefers the medium width (about 4 inches) and isn't particularly tall.

I would probably use a plain single crochet - maybe working in a multiple colour design in the last foot at either end and then plain main colour for the body of the stole.

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Lots of patterns here:


Any of them could be adapted.
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