I Want More Men Knitting

OK, I'm a female, but I truly want to promote men's knitting. I have a sixteen year old son and I think he would get a great deal out of knitting but I certainly can't be the one to "inspire" him. I only know one guy who knits and he is WAY cool.

I live near Tacoma WA so here's a shout out to any of you guys in the area. Hope to see you at Madrona!


I think it's great if your son wants to learn. I learned from my grand-mother a long time ago and I've kept it up.

i just missed you!

i'm a knitter who grew up and went to college in tacoma... but i just moved to nyc about 5 months ago. 

i hope you find a way to get him knitting, cause once he's hooked he'll never stop