No, no, no, not me. My collar.

First, the artistic picture:

Then, on me:

Then, now the details. So, it is quite obvious that I'm working on the yoke of my Real Life Yoke Saddle Shoulder Sweater from the Top Down. From now on, I think I'm going to just abbreviate it as YSSFTD (Yoke Saddle Shoulder From the Top Down). Anyways...... I'm kinda proud of myself cuz I think it's a damn good looking collar, don't you think?

Shit, my head is so big I can't walk through the door!

But seriously. It didn't work the first time around, or the 2nd time. This time, 3 times was the charm.

So, as you all know, I had some problems with the neck sizing...... even though, now my head is so big it would have fit the old size. I picked up VERY VERY carefully, followed instructions from various sources on how to avoid holes etc.... and here are a few pointers I have:

  1. Pick up with a needle 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the needle that you're using.
  2. Pick up every stitch possible. Pick up stitch for stitch on the vertical part of the knitting, and pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows in the horizontal part of the knitting. Pick up extra corner stitches.
  3. This is WAYYYYYY too many stitches though. Trust me, I found out later and had to rip. I decreased the number of stitches by 10% by knitting 2 togethers evenly in the 1st round. Knitting up too many stitches causes the collar to FLARE. I could have actually gone down even more to 14%, but I think it looks ok.
  4. Then I proceeded on with a 1x1 rib.
  5. On the first round, I twisted every knit stitch, twisted every purl stitch and twisted every k2tog stitch.
  6. Proceeded to then knit about 1 inch of ribbing.
  7. And then bound off with the FABULOUS and HANDSOME looking tubular bind off.

Here's the full collar:

Here are some close up shots of my picked up stitches:

And here are some close up shots of the tubular bind off:

So, what do you all think?


Celowin's picture

It's looking great! I really like the "cut" of the neck. More than that, though, I'm fascinated by the yarn you're using. Normally I like working with solid colors, but the one you're using is neat for having a main base color and then varied flecks. What is it?

Kenny's picture

Thank you, thank you. It's a 1x1 rib with tubul..... oh what am I talking about, it's all in the post!

Anyways, the yarn is Classic Elite Skye Tweed. I figure that this was the perfect yarn for my plan. Which is to experiment with the construction and detials of sweater construction and technique, while not let the sweater be boring and let the yarn do the work for me.

It was/still on a very good sale at www.yarn.com and www.elann.com.

YarnGuy716's picture

Maureen Mason Jamison gives a fabulous class on knit collars, called Collar Obedience Class. If you ever get the opportunity to take the class from her it is well worth the cost. She taught our Spring Seminars for the Buffalo Knitting Guild and we learned a tremendous amount from her.

You can also check Knitters #79-Summer 2005 and #80-Fall2005 for published articles on her Collar Obvedience.