Maybe not so handsome.......

Thank you all so much for the nice comments on my collar. Makes me feel happy.

However, I might be ripping it.

Well, before I do that, let me explain the situation..... The collar is kinda snug when I pull it over my head, but once it's through my head, it fits almost perfectly around my neck as you all can see.

But the only thing is that it doesn't really lay quite flat. Should I rip it out and decrease even more on the total number of collar stitches or would blocking and washing fix it? I've got a feeling that it is because the tubular bind off is so stretchy that it doesn't really pull the edge of the collar completly snug on my neck. I would actually have you pull around the shoulders outwards to make it lay COMPLETELY flat. And notice that I used the work COMPLETELY...... because it is kinda laying flat enough, but you know me, perfectionist.

So, long story short, how snug and flat should a collar lay? How much should you decrease after picking up the stitches around the neck?


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I think that collar looks excellent. I can't see improving on it, most likely the re-do would not look as good and you'll regret ripping it out.