Christmas Stockings

Is anyone planning to knit Christmas stockings for friends/family or other loved ones? I found this great collection of patterns on the Internet.

My aunt made the Santa and Tree pattern for her nieces & nephews. I got the last one before she died several years ago. Since then, nobody has been able to find the pattern, so I was excited when I ran across it on the Internet. The patterns arrived yesterday, and as soon as I get some supplies I'll begin knitting!


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Thanks for letting us know about these patterns. Although my family doesn't celebrate xmas, I've always loved these vintage stockings. I just ordered the entire set via ebay. I don't imagine I'll ever knit them (who knows) but I would like to see them and have them amoung my knitting paraphenalia.

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Thanks! You can be sure that I will be ordering these patterns! For those of you interested in Christmas stocking patterns check out Marymaxim's web site. There are 4 pattern books available. So far this year I have made 6 stockings with 2 more to go before the holidays...
Thanks again for the great link!