I finished the MySoCalledScarf a couple of days ago. Here is the finished project for your enjoyment both in full and close-up versions. I can once again resume closed-cable celtic cap #2. LOL I love this scarf...more importantly, I love this yarn! If it wouldn't break the bank, I'd buy more and make another. Oh well. Maybe someday!

Can't wait for the next knit-along!

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It's beautiful, and I love the combination of colours.

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Both scarves are beautiful. You have wonderful colour sense.

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Nice job!

I guess I ought to get mine finished and take a picture of it for you all to see.

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I find it fascinating how much changing the yarn used alters this project. Yours looks completely different from mine in the way the pattern turned out, not just in the colors. (I like yours much better, by the way... yours is something I would actually wear!)

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Way cool!

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What was the yarn you used? I really like the colors.

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I used Manos del Uruguay. The color is Adobe. :-)

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I love Manos and would use it more often if I could get it a little cheaper.