Too Long

My My, how the time flies.

I have been off this blog for quite some time; last I left it with you gentle readers I was off to the wilderness of Cape Cod to the bosom of my Sweetie's family. Well that was a flying success. I came back loaded for bear (so to speak) with lots and lots of Galway Highland Heather yarn in a nice oatmeal color for my first Aran Sweater.

I found a pattern I liked at the Ladybug Yarn shop in Dennis Cape Cod, it seems like an older pattern, but one that is simple as well as good looking. Excited by my $3.50 purchase Sweetie and Sweetie's Sister ( immediately set out to find me the perfect yarn. We settled on the Galway as it was inexpensive ($6.50 a skein; I needed 12) and, as Variegated pointed out, it would "frog well".

I have started the sweater and am past the increases and into the first set of cabling. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly as I keep seeming to have slight irregularities in the stitch count. I was working on it yesterday night at a knit group at Yarntopia, (Amsterdam and 108, NY NY) and was able to make it through two or three rows before I had to put it down and pick up my sock. I typed out the pattern and it has made it much easier to work on, but man is it daunting.

I also picked up some yarn from Sweetie's northern stash (her mother is the curator) in hopes of a simple sweater project. The yarn is Norwegian it looks like, 3/4 wool 1/4 acrylic; it is in a lovely sea green with a subtle grey fleck. I was planning on re-creating the GAP sweater with the roll neck, but then decided to do the Cobblestone Sweater from the latest issue of Interweave Knits. So, I will start that soon enough I suppose.

On the gift front, I am working on SailingLady's socks. I am ready to turn the heel on sock one; I think I might do that at Men’s Knit Night just to show off a bit. MotherKnit on the other hand has been less than clear as to what she would like for her Christmas present. I was going to make her socks from some yarn she liked, but then I got some lovely mohair (which MotherKnit LOVES) and I am debating making her a hat, she has sensitive ears these days. Perhaps I will have time to do both, BUT I have to make some other gifts for other friends, some of whom may or may not read this blog so I must be circumspect. Suffice it to say I have a good supply of Donegal Tweed by Debbie Bliss.

So, on a personal note I am back in school, grinding down my Masters Degree in Education with a projected completion date of December. Fingers Crossed gentle readers, fingers crossed. I am also waiting on my Ravelry invitation. Sweetie got hers a few days ago, and she has spent lots and lots of time on the site; from what I have seen it looks like a winner.

Have a good week, and I will see you all online eventually.

Its good to be back and knitting.



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Good to hear from you...and looking forward to you joining us on the Ravelry Men who knit!
...akthough it's much quieter than this list...