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First, I'll do a quick intro: My name is Zephyr, I'm 29 years old, and I've never so much as held a knitting needle and yarn at the same time. However, I'm very much wanting to start. Any suggestions on a first project, materials I might need, or any other advice in general? Thanks!

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well - suggestions as to what might be an appropriate first project to some extent depends on y*you* interests. That way suggestions can lean towrds your interests.

That said - probably people are going to start by suggesting either face-cloth/washcloth/dishcloth or a scarf. Possibly a hat.

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This is a grim path you're about to take . . . your relationships will suffer, you'll end up meeting and cavorting with all sorts of 'goat people' of various repute, your bank accounts will flounder, living space will dwindle away as your stash of yarn and weaponry fill every nook and crannie of your home.

JUST SAY "NO", Zephyr. There's still time to just walk away. Go back, you fool, you fool . . . .

~Mike in Tampa (Who didn't listen when he was warned years ago . . . a period now termed: The DMD. ["The Dawn of Mike's Demise".])

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Hey Zephyr--

I learned to knit when I acquired a bunch of secondhand knitting stuff, including yarn, and I decided to try it out. Since I've come the way of hand-me-downs, I would recommend looking at your local thrift store for a bag of mixed yarn. Yes, I know that this yarn is usually incredibly cheap stuff, but it gives you the advantage of having something to practice on until you figure out some patterns. Also, you can try different thicknesses and textures of yarn to see what works well with your needles and your own particular tension. My last thrift yarn purchase was a whole $1, and I made a Harry Potter scarf for the book release party, tried out two baby bootie patterns, and I'm making a uterus (see for my wife. And there's still more left. If your project really doesn't work out, you don't feel so bad discarding the whole thing and starting again.

Just my two cents.


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Thanks for the suggestions! MMario, I'm thinking a scarf would be a good start. Stickywrap - HA! Thanks for the warning. Tranny_saurus, that's a great idea. I'll have to check out local thrift stores as soon as I get a chance.

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Go for it, there is nothing better for your blood pressure and sanity than simply knitting.

It works for me, so it must be true right?

Not all yarn needs to be expensive either, but make sure you learn on something that will let you learn in relative peace. Granted it is a poor carpenter who blames his tools, but learning to knit with kinky or painful yarn might lead you away from the light. It is about the process now, not about the fiber; once you are good with the process then start getting funky with it.

Just my two cents.

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Take the journey! Knit!
Hi Zephyr!
I learned to knit almost two yrs ago right after Christmas. I bought a knitting DVD from Hobby Lobby and it helped, but books and magazines and videos online have helped me more! Also this site and others have a lot of helpful people on them! I belong to a monthly dishcloth group who have two KALS a month that help you learn new patterns a few lines at a time! KALS are Knit-A-Longs! We have men who belong to these groups too! The more the merrier I always say! I found that learning to make face/dishcloths let me learn to do new stuff and finish a project without taking too much time! I still have the very first thing I knit! It's just a "thing " about 8 inches long and about 3 inches on one end and about 6 on the other ! LOL! with lots of holes and mistakes, but I kept it to be able to realize how far I'd progressed! Now I love to look at it and laugh my head off! I've progressed so far!!!!! in a short time! And you will too!
Just buy a pair of needles and some yarn , I used RedHeart worsted first cause it's cheap! and you can find some beginners to very intricate knitting books in the library to start with or buy a learn to knit book and take off! Have a great time in the journey! It feels like you have two sets of chopsticks in each hand and you're trying to pick up marbles at first, but keep at it and it'll get easier , like when you started writing with a pencil , felt funny at first , now second nature!
And be sure to let us know how you're doing along the way!
Here's the link:

Take the journey! Knit!

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Hey Zephyr,

There is a great website that has video feeds showing everything from casting on, basic knit and purl, to more complex stuff like turning the heel of a sock. I found myself needles in hand watching videos over and over until I got it. I find that it is easier sometimes to see it in action rather then try to read and look at a picture.
The web site is


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I've found knitting to be a great way to relax and occupy yourself during those times when I would otherwise be sitting and doing nothing.

It can be a little frustrating at first but as the good people here advised me, knitting is supposed to relieve stress, not create it, so relax, knit, and enjoy it even if you make some mistakes at first. It gets easier as you practice.

I think a scarf is an excellent first project as it allows you plenty of practice on your stitches and tension, and you can actually see your own improvements and progress as you look at it.

Welcome to the club.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste