Well, I found my mistake in my Aran sweater. I am supposed to have 172 stitches, and I have 173; that ONE little stitch (spelled with a capitol B right now) is making my life difficult. It is throwing the whole pattern off, and when you have seven cable patterns running, one stitch makes too much of a difference. I think I will frog down to the ribbing and re-increase then work CARFULLY on the cabling. I typed the pattern out so that should make the work easier. I am not as discouraged as I thought I would be, frankly I think I am being quite mature about the whole thing, I haven’t broken one needle in a fit of pique.

On the other hand I turned the heel on Sailing Lady's first sock, picked up the stitches and started the gusset decreases so I have that going for me.

As I sit and have a nice quiet drink, watch my Kid Nation (I know I know) I remember that I was to give a shout out to my New York Knitters; Holla Back Y'all where my Knitters At?

Have a good night, and Go Sawx.

Bronx (the Aran Ripper) Knit