Relatively inexpensive sweater yarn

So I am finishing the Big Blue Malabrigo EZ Sweater. Apparently no one likes the collar as it is written so I just changed it. I have however spent close to 100 dollars on this sweater and would like my next one to not be quite so pricey and am polling you fine knitters as to your favorite impoverished grad student affordable yarn that will knit up nicely on #8 needles.


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Google Briggs and Little. Heritage will knit up on US 8 needles. About four dollars for four ounces. Basic wool that washes up nicely and will soften if you use hair conditioner in the rinse. Their Regal wool is slightly finer and would use a US 7. Excellent quality for the dollar.

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Wow ten skeins of the above mentioned heritage yarn for 42 dollars that' makes me happy.

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Hi Jason,

Take a look at Their worsted weight yarn goes anywhere from $1.99 for a 50 gm skein to $4.99/50 gm skein.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Yes I agree with Jonathan in DC, has great yarn at very affordable prices. I usually use their yarns for sweaters and use the more expensive stuff for hats, scarves etc.