Reversible VERY Warm Hat

I got the idea from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Around" but instead of making two hats and whipstitching them at the brim to make a nice double hat, I just invisibly cast on right from the beginning -- so that when I finished the one part of the hat, all I needed to do was to pick up the stitches and make the next hat.

I attached two each of the inside/outside -- vice versa -- it's reversible!'s actually the equivalent of four layers thick...two layers because it's a colour pattern and so, you have the carryover on the reverse side, but also, because it's TWO of them thick. I think some kid will be very pleased to have that this Winter.

I just wish I could be there to see the face of the recipient.



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All of the hats you put up today look fantastic, but this one is by far my favorite. I'm planning something similar (with matching mittens) as a Christmas present for my mother this year.

The child who eventually ends up with this hat is very lucky.

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Thanks ever so much.

I used a couple of Elizabeth Zimmermann's patterns for the colours and just a plain and simple knit up and decrease at the top hat...

...and invisibly cast on the bottom, so all I needed to do was to pick up the stitches and make the second part...

...before I decreased for the second part and closed up the entire hat, I then kept it all on the needle (16" circular) and turned it inside out and darned in all of the coloured ends, then turned it right side out again, decreased for the top, and then darned in the ends at the top and leaving just a bit of a tail to throw under, where it won't come out, nor be seen.

I'm thinking of actually putting that technique in my next book.