Kevin's Hat

So, I was working on this bit of energy spurt with the CapsForKids, and the housemate was intent on convincing me that this hat was going to be his.

I'd just cast on and decided to go from there...and just knit and put whatever simple pattern there was...

I ended up with the colours of the Irish flag, which wasn't the original intent, but turned out quite nice, I think...and just a plain and simple 3&1 colour was easy enough to work up.

...but Kevin decided that he absolutely NEEDED this one, so, he's claimed it, and I know for certain it's not leaving this house unless it's on his head.

...good thing I'm in the mood for hats lately, so, the project isn't going to suffer any.



knitty pilgrim's picture

Well done indeed, Robert. Although it is not the sort of hat a Pilgrim would normally wear, I do greatly admire this effort! Kevin's claim is completely understood.

I like the colors. It's looking a bit like Christmas in a way. I've not done a hat yet. Maybe I'll give it a shot after my next project is done.