Lily's Wool

One of my better friends from England sent me a WHOLE POUND CONE! of sockweight wool!!!

Of course, this being a hat, it's definately doubled up...

...and well, as quoted from "The Birdcage"

" does want a HINT of colour."

So, I just had to use some of the yarn that my local shop just called "Special" when it was on clearance just to get rid of it all.

I just love it! ...and also, the wool is SO awesome to work with. I'm currently on another hat right now with that same wool and also that "Special" -- did a Norwegian pattern (just the regular standard star shape that you see on Scandinavian patterns) and on the reverse I'm going to do a bit of a sampler in a Fair Isle style. I'll post the pic when I get it done.



ronhuber's picture

These hats are wonderful. I always miss doing Fair Isle and forget that I can do it on a hat. Every single one is a work of art. Congratulations.

Knipper's picture

These are great hats. Thanks for showing them. Like Ron above, I forget about doing fair isle and realize that I can (as I have in the past) use the technique on hats. They make great gifts. Your color choices are terrific.