Almost there

My first big project is nearing completion so I thought I would check in and let everyone know that I am still addicted after a couple months of knitting. I check the site out every other day or so and love seeing a new entry or two when I do, so I thought I would return the favor

After learning stitches by making various coasters, dish cloths and a pot holder I started on a scarf for my wife about 4 weeks or so ago. I'm doing an in the round scarf similar to the Harry Potter scarf everyone was talking about a month ago. At row 270+ (approx. 20 thousand stitches...Holy Crap!!) and am aiming for about 340-350...maybe I'll get done this weekend. I'll snap a pic if I do. My wife picked out some nice colors.

After seeing another newbie post on his Fiber Trends felted clogs a week or so back i decided to give them a try as my next project. The yarn is on the UPS truck as we speak. I went for Cascade 220 wool. After wavering back and forth with Plymouth Galway, Cacade's color selection finally snagged me ( I really like their marls).

You'd think a city of 50 thousand and a county of 200 thousand+ could support at least ONE Yarn store. My only other local options are Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Both selections pretty my opinion. But we will see how this mail order company does.



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That is why we have KnitPicks and Sarahsyarns.

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Wow...some REALLY nice peruvian wool colors at Knitpicks and very reasonable prices. Thanks for the tip