Tudor Roses - Book

Recently I purchased a number of knitting books. This one is Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore; 1998; soft cover; 126 pages; out of print now.

Alice Starmore designed this collection of knitwear, inspired by the members of the Tudor Dynasty that ruled over England from 1485 to 1603. The designs are gorgeous, done in stranded and cable knitting. All but one are for women, the exception being the Henry VIII jumper which has been featured on the podcast Sticks & String. There are 13 garments, each named for a prominent member of the Tudor line. There is a short history of the Tudor Dynasty with a family tree as well as at the beginning of each recipe, Alice has written a brief biographical note on each family member.

The difficulty for me is that the colours suggested are no longer available and one would need to make substitutions which is a problem for the colour-challenged like me.

This book is expensive, selling for between US$80 - $120 on ebay and more through internet booksellers. I am glad that I purchased it. I don't know if I'll ever knit anything from it but I do enjoy just looking at the photos shot at Hever Castle in England, the family home of Anne Boleyn.

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Check out Alice Starmore's website. Many of these designs can be bought in kit form.

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Christine - You're right! Even Henry VIII is available - and at quite a cost, I might add! This takes the guess work out of exchanging the colours. Thank you for telling me about this site. I know I'll be their customer in short order!

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