The Celtic Collection - Book

Another Alice Starmore book is The Celtic Collection - 25 Knitwear Designs for Men and Women; hardcover, 1992; 144 pages; out of print.

The book has beautiful patterns for knitwear with a strong Celtic flavour. The designs draw on four distinctive knitting styles: Fair Isle, Fisher Gansey, Aran and Intarsia. The recipes are for men, women and children. Many of the patterns could easily be worn by both men and women. The designs are charted as well as written-out. Again, the colourways are discontinued and substitutions would need to be made.

There are some garments in the book that I am certain I will knit in the future. It is a beautiful book with wonderful colour photography shot on location the the west of Ireland.

Although out of print, this book is not to difficult to find and the price I paid on ebay was US$27.00.

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I, too, have this book and the only criticism I have is that some of the necklines are rather wider and lower than you might like, but this is easily overcome.

As to the yarn and colours being discontinued go to this site and look at the Jamiesons Wools.

I think you will agree, Jesse, that the range of colours is far greater than on the shade cards we have from J&S. If you look at the gauge for the J&S yarns you will find they match most of the gauges given for these patterns.I don't know why there is a difference in the ranges available for the American market.

Hope this helps.