Clearing the air

Received a few comments about my "Yarrrn!" shirt suggestion and I wanted to clear the air. First off, I'm not affiliated with Jinx in any way shape or form, and I don't actually care whether any of you buy it or not. I just thought it was a fun shirt a friend told me about and figured, "Hey. Men who knit might like a knitting t-shirt." This is why I recommended it.

As for my myspace page, I sell my music because I've worked my ass off to write and record it all. I've had to do all the work myself...keyboard, computer, software, bowed psaltry, microphone, etc... Additionally, there is a link on there to make a donation, and although I have never (and still don't) really expect anyone to use it, one person has. I don't know who, but it was a while back. And, like the link says, I have never touched that money at all, and will never do so until I have enough coupled with it to upgrade my keyboard, software, microphone, or anything else associated with my music (no, not an mp3 player or anything like that).

To be frank, it hurts me that people would accuse me of being shady just for these few dinky reasons. I'm not asking for money from any of you, and I joined this website to make friends with fellow male knitters...not to make a buck or two. Anyone who's even paid half-attention to my posts on here would know that.


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Aww... don't pay that kind of stuff any mind. There's a difference between shady and enterprising. Sadly, our hobbies often don't pay and sometimes it makes sense to find ways to monetize them in the effort to further their nurturing and development, particularly when they're hobbies that require a lot of time, energy, and money.

*shrug* I think you rock :)

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I joined this site because I wanted a place where I could be comfortable sharing my love of knitting with other like minded men. I enjoy reading the posts and in general I see a core group of individuals who genuinely appreciate and respect one another. I believe that this site is a place where we should encourage and nurture each other and it bothers me that anyone would think that it is ok post a comment that was intended to be hurtful or critical. Isn't there enough of that sort of thing in our society already?

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I for one have always enjoyed each and everyone of your posts. I love your enthusiasm for knitting and I admire your musical talent. I've never, ever felt that you were shilling for yourself or anyone else. I think that it's unfortunate that you even have to defend yourself against these charges. There have been many recommendations by others for everything from knitting needles to pod cast without so much as a hint of incredulity as to why the person would be posting that information. I believe the innuendo in that post was uncalled for and should be ignored. I hope that it hasn't soured you on contributing to this board and that you will continue to do so.

Keep on knitting, composing and informing us on things that you think might be of interest.

Best to you,

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I wouldn't sweat it. I liked the shirt and even posted links to it on other sites for knitters who might also like it. I plan to order one soon and appreciate ya letting me know about it. Non-girlie knitting stuff is hard to come by.

As for the rest, everyone is entitled to make a buck. I sure don't work for free.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Considering how "guerilla" advertising has become so commonplace nowadays, I can understand why some people may get suspicious if someone starts posting links to products, but that doesn't mean that I'm condoning the comment though.

Don't let it deter you, sure I mostly lurk here, but I enjoy reading all of the posts, yours no less than anyone else's.

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Hi Yugi,

Yeah, don't worry about it. I LOVED the t shirt, and I've enjoyed your myspace page. I thoroughly enjoy your music.

You go.


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.