Need help finishing these scarfs

Well, my wife taught me to knit and then went on a trip with her sisters for a couple of weeks.Anyway I stayed home and have knit us each a scarf. I was able to bind off and finish the end of the scarfs but I am not sure what to do with the tail of yarn left at the beginning of the scarf. It looks like I better not just cut it off or it will unravel. Thanks for any help!


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You've got to pick up wither a crochet hook or a stitching needle and weave the tail into the scarf, down one edge. You might want to just hit a knitting shop & have the person behind the counter show you. The stitching needle is faster, but I get a sense of satisfaction out of using the crochet hook. It invests a little more of my hard work into the piece.

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Its worth it to take the time and weave in!  Heres a great article with a very secure and good looking weave in technique... 

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