Closed-Cable Celtic Cap/hat/beanie/skull cap/whatever

Okay, some of you may recall the blue one of these I knitted a few months back and how I lamented that although I stitched it perfectly, the depth was far less than I'd wanted or anticipated. This time around, I stitched it far from perfectly, but as the attached file shows, it fits exactly how I wanted! Someone (Tallguy?) suggested duplicating some of the rows that didn't involve inc/dec/or twisting, and I had to mark my pattern all up (changed row numbers and whatnot), but it worked magnificently. Although I inadvertently yet horribly jacked up the final twist (the purl st in the middle...I absent-mindedly moved the cbl ndl sts to the back instead of keeping them in the front) so that it looks less like a twist and more like a cinch, I'm still liking it and think it looks fine still. If I knit another one ever again, I may not duplicate those rows and, instead, duplicate the first stitch after the bottom pattern closes. It's fun to alter things. My next project? God...I haven't even thought about that yet. I supposed I should finally do the finishing on all those scarves I've been knitting over the summer so I can send them down to my mom for her friends. It's getting about that time of year where they'd actually want them.

I hate weaving in ends...........

Also, thank you to everyone for their very kind words. You all are great!

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Great hat!! The colour really shows off the work. I'm doing an Aran sweater now and aren't those cables and braids fun to do?

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You have created a unique hat! I say that if you are happy with the end result that is what counts inmy book. If you reversed the cable on all of them then you created a pattern lol! It looks vry nice. I would not mind making one myself!

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LOL Good point. So from now on, I'll just say I did it all on purpose and show how all the cables are the same as proof. LOL

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I love doing cable work. So much so that I finally bit the bullet and started working on the Great American Aran Afghan project.

If you haven't seen it, in involves an afghan constructed of 24 individual squares, each with a unique Aran-style cable pattern. Some of the cables and patterns are quite complex and I'm learning a LOT just by doing the squares. And the nice thing is that each square is really just a mini-project. The longest so far took me about 8 days to do.

I highly recommend it for anyone who finds cables fun. The pattern book can be bought for about $12.95 US.

I'm not sure how to add a picture to the post, but if this isn't a photo, then maybe the link will take you to the photo. If not, log on to and search for 'aran afghan', then click 'most recent photos' and look for the ones uploaded by vicbarn....that's me and them's mine.

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Holy crap! Now THAT'S a complex cable pattern!

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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Honestly it isn't that bad. It's just a matter of reading/following directions. The cables do, however, sometimes work with multiple needles. The center section crosses occasionally have a cable needle in front with stitches, a cable needle in back with stitches, a third cable needle with a single stitch hanging out, plus the two main needles (I use circulars). But again, it's just a matter of reading the VERY clear directions and doing it.

Here's the thing: I've only been knitting since months. If I can do it after only seven months, it ain't rocket science!!!

And by the way, YugiDean...Thanks for the photos you put up a few weeks ago of the scarf you did using the Paton's SWS Natural Earth. I was unfamiliar with that yarn but totally in love with the colors. I went out and bought three skeins and they are turning into an absolutely gorgeous entrelac scarf. I will totally be the envy of my social circle with it around my neck this winter!!!