Sweetie to the rescue.

Sweetie came to my rescue (as she always seems to; either encouraging me to knit in the first place, helping me find the correct level of pattern, rolling balls of yarn she is a amazing person) on Friday night.

I had located and quantified my error in my aran sweater WIP on Wednesday at my men’s knit night, but was/am too timid to frog such an investment in time.

Sweetie had no problems taking my chunk of sweater, ripping down to the ribbing and then putting the correct number of stitches back on a long circ and making sure they were properly oriented for the twisted ribbing. It took her all of half an hour; I would still be there, perhaps having ripped out everything. I have yet to take it back up, but there is football tonight, and I can watch and knit with the best of them, so maybe I can get some rows laid down. I spent some time transferring the paper pattern into MS word so I can print out the pattern and mark it as I knit it. It comes in very handy.

I found because the pattern is composed of two different cable patterns, one braided or plaited cable over 8 rows, and the central cable pattern over 24 rows. The braided cable is repeated three times on each side of the central cable so there is a lot of repetition over the 172 stitch row. Using cut and paste I was able to re-use previously typed pattern chunks. I am finding it much easier to read than the paper pattern that had all sorts of multiples and numbers in parenthesis, just no need for all that. Maybe I will try to put it into a chart for another fun afternoon.

Well, my buddy is showing up for a late lunch/early supper at the falafel shack, then I think we are going to check out a bike shop and I have to go fight with my printer.

Enjoy your luppers,


ps. I started a non-knitting blog if any of you are interested it can be found at BronxKnits Blog