On Cherry and Chocolate

Started: 01st September 2007
Finished: ca. 50 g (+/- 5 g) spun and plied, 30th September 2007
Yardage: ca. 155 m (169.5 yrds)
Fibre: Wolle Roedel "Filzwolle", Colour: red-rust, 100% wool
Spindle: Ashford Classic Drop-Spindle (low-whorl)

No, this is not the edible kind. ;-)

This one went through quite a bit of beating. It has many knots where the yarn broke while plying or when I was winding up the plied yarn....this is the price for spinning a single so thin.

I spun up two batches of 25 g and wound each into two separate balls on paper rolls, ready to be plied. I really don't like plying from two different balls....especially the fact that my singles are so energised in spite of having been wound into a ball for a couple of weeks already (well, at least the first 25 g).

The yarn from the two balls kept twisting around each other as soon as it was pulled out of the balls (and yes, I kept the balls in separate bowls).

I don't really think that I can spin up the 50 g single on the spindle and then do Andean plying. Even if all the single fits onto the spindle, I think that it'll kill my hand when I make the bracelet. Not to mention the fact that I would have to ply it in one go. (Plying this batch up took me two sittings of about 3 hours each...of course, I was spending a lot of time playing kitty, too.)

Oh well, I'll figure something out.

I still over-spin quite a bit while plying...at least that's the impression I have. Although I like the look of the snug twist around the ply.

If I can get another 155 m out of the next 50 g, then I might be able to knit a Swallowtail Shawl from this. Wouldn't that be just cool?

Have a great start to the week!

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