My "So Called Scarf" at last!!

Here it is! This was an interesting project. I love the pattern. That in itself is fun to knit. But the yarn I chose, Paton's Soy Wool Stripes wasn't much of a pleasure to work with at all. It's loosely spun and split easily especially when trying to work it with a larger more blunt needle. But I guess in the end the yarn does feel nice and look nice and the finshed piece will still make a lovely gift.

I'm thinking now that I might just spend the extra cash and buy some Manos to make another one for me!!!

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I wouldn't have thought to try a self-striping yarn with this project, but it does look nice. The combination of the color stripes and the strong stitch pattern really give the scarf a style that doesn't have a huge presence, but manages to draw the me in more and more as I study it.

I'm a bit surprised you didn't like the yarn after all the praise for it that I've heard from other sources. I guess those folks were talking more about the final look rather than how it was to work with.

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Oh! I didn't even think of using the SWS yarn on this. I have more than enough skeins of that particular yarn left over. LOL How many skeins did you end up using? Just the two?

I think what I love about this pattern so much is that even the "wrong" side looks fun.

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I used about two and a half skeins for the scarf and have about one and a half skeins left. Have you tried felting with it yet? I'm wondering how it will felt with the soy fiber mixed in.

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Yeah. If you look back in my posts, I made one about a felted scarf I did not long ago. I don't remember if I mentioned which yarn I used, but it was this Patons SWS. I think it was the Natural Garden shade. It felted pretty solidly after a time, but I lost a lot of length that way. I like the end product, though.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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That is a lovely, lovely color combination! I'm still plodding through mine, but definitely want to make another one with a self-striping yarn. I personally like the look more than a variegated fiber. Very nice work, Aaron!

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That looks great. Very nice yarn choice.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Looks nice! You used the same color theme as I am. It's taking about three skeins to finish mine. I guess cause I added some extra stitches to the pattern to make it wider.

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nice works, the colors looks awesome.

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It looks like the aggravation was worth the effort - the scarf looks amazing.

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