The Ballad of the 173

I had one stitch too many AGAIN. Sweetie has told me to lay off the needles for a bit (rest of the evening) and tackle something a bit more manageable tomorrow. I am thinking that maybe I need to go back to my afghan or something even simpler; I have been humbled by the aran sweater.

My goal: start it on my one-year knitting anniversary. I will have knit all my Christmas gifts, I should have plenty of time and in December I should not mind working with wool.

TallGuy sent a very nice supportive PM that I wish I had read earlier about written directions. I think that my visual and spatial learning styles might be better suited to a chart. Maybe I will geek out and figure out how to make one on Excel; it can give me stitch counts, and such. It would seem that typing things out is not working for me.

So, for the next two months I will practice (insert Rocky theme music here) my cables. My peeps will be getting cabled projects as gifts. Knit bowls with horizontal cable rims; wine cozies with cable patterns; cable hats, scarves, beer cozies.....a veritable cornucopia of cabling. A cable-copua.

But I have learned a valuable lesson and, like McArthur shall return. I am humbled not broken, bloodied not bowed. The aran may have won this battle, but I plan to knit the sweater.

As Robert Browning said: "Ah, but man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"


Had you thought of putting a stitch marker between each panel of cable and/or other panels? This way you will know straight away if you have lost or gained an extra stitch. This tip was given to me many years ago when I attempted my first Aran sweater and it certainly helps to 'set' the pattern.

Don't give up on it, and post pictures when you start it again.

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When I did my first disastrous cable project (aran laptop cover from KWB) I place the marker and it helped quite a bit. The only problem is that the pattern calls for twisted ribs (KB1 p3 KB1) between cable patterns and I was having a hard time making the markers work with that in a sensible way.

I will start again, there is not doubt about that; December.

As soon as I figure out my camera so it takes smaller pictures I can put some pics of all this up.

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There is a free program out there called irfanview that converts, crops, resizes, etc pictures. Very handy, very easy to use.

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