New Pattern

I just had to tell SOMEONE!!!

When the computer was on the blink and I thought I lost everything, what did I do to calm my nerves? I cast on and just started knitting!

Well, I designed a new sweater, which, I'm in the process of getting some pictures to show everyone, and then get that one out to publish, too.

I made it with some lovely sockweight lambswool (a pound cone of knitting machine wool, more or less) from a friend in Liecstershire who sent it to me. Natural gray -- on size US 7.

I can't wait to wear it, and here in Maine, it's just now getting to become sweater weather, too. This is a nice wool -- and fuzzy, too, so, there's an extra barrier against a stiff breeze.

It's nice and square shouldered and masculine in style.

...but I still have to type it up, now that the computer is back again. I also have to get pictures; but this sweater is what calmed my nerves, while I gently fixed the computer -- instead of tossing the thing out onto Grant Street three stories down!



Ron's picture

That's awesome Robert! I can't wait to see the pictures!

ronhuber's picture

I'm looking forward to hearing about your sweater as well and seeing the pictures. Glad to hear that other people remained focused with knitting. It sure helps me.