Current Projects in the "Making?"

Well it's Saturday and about 80 degrees on Long Island. the sun is shinning, so why am I inside? I suppose I have too many knitting projects going and can't seem to get my act together to finish any of them. Thank you all for reading my entry and to all who have said hello and sent their sympathies on the loss of our greyhound, Petee, our thanks.

For any who would like to see Ernie, he's the greyhound I am making the cable knit sweater for, he's the one with his head on the couch pillow. What a life. Please see image on Recent Posts. His sweater is coming along fine and hopfully I'll have it finished before it gets too cold. But with this 80 degree temp. today I might have a little more time on this.

Another of my endeavors is an Aran Knit Sampler Afghan. I found the pattern on LION BRAND YARN website. From the picture it looked like an interesting project, so off I went and only completed 7 of 16 panels. Again, I hope that I can get this finished before next summer. Again, image is on Recent Posts

I also have, in the works a shawl that I am making for my partner's cousin. I call it the "Purple Infusion". It is a very simple stich (k2 tog, yo on RS and purl all on WS). My one problem with finishing this is that I bought the yarns in Florida and have not been able to locate one of the yarns here on Long Island. Oh well, when the temp drops I'll just have to make an excuse to visit my mom-in-law in Orlando. It's on Recent Posts.

Well, I think I have bored you all with my rantings regarding my never ending, always beginning projects.

Have a great weekend.


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Only three? I think I have more then that in my car. That doesn't include the emergency stashes of projects at work, the living room project, the bedside table project. . . or the ones left in various other locations in case I get the urge to knit.

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