NYC Field Trip

I suppose that it is less of a trip if you actually live in NYC, but it was an excursion nonetheless.

Sweetie has wanted to go to Habu fibers for quite some time now. I wanted to go as well because they had stainless steel yarn, hemp bark yarn, hemp yarn, copper and bamboo yarn; it all sounded so off beat and luxurious that I just had to go.

We got up at the crack of noon and set off south to meet one of our dear friends who came in from New Jersey for the occasion. I kilted up and off we went. After a rendezvous in Greeley Park our first stop was School House Yarns in the garment district. They have cones and cones of the most luxurious fibers that you can imagine. Silk, wool, merino, cashmere, alpaca and it would seem almost every conceivable combination. The cones are left over from manufacturing plants and are inexpensive, but sold by the weight, and there is no portioning. I found a lovely sea-foam green wool, but I am unsure of what I need ten pounds of yarn for even at $24.00 a pound. I could make a lovely sweater or six, but the large cone is not that portable. I also found some amazing baby camel (so soft) and lovely Yak (half and half with Merino? to die for) and a VERY tempting silk Donegal, 95 yards for 20 dollars; what a hat that would make.

Being cash poor and stash rich I did not purchase anything, but tried to keep my drool off the inventory. Dear Friend purchased a crochet hook and some yarn; her arm is in an over the elbow cast and crochet seemed like a good compromise. Eventually we will get her a-knitting, but that really requires wrist mobility, especially when you are learning. Sweetie bolstered her stash with some luxurious fibers and off we went to Habu.

Brushed brass elevators, inlayed numbers on the wooden floor sills, burnished stainless steel 10-foot doors, this was a classy (with a capitol K no less) building. The show room at Habu was small but stunning. They had some of their weavings on the wall including one made of stainless steel and polyester that had an amazing retro sci-fi shimmer. The yarn was anh. The colors were mostly muted earth tones, the yarn was very very skinny and to my mind would be difficult to work with. The staff was present, but unobtrusive and the other shoppers seemed fairly serious about fibers; I like that these days. Sweetie got a scarf kit (Stainless Steel and silk, interesting) and I, holding true to form for the day, got nothing.

Then it was back to Kissenschloss for a crochet lesson. Sweetie and Dear Friend sit upon the couch, chatting away breaking in the new crochet hook. I have repaired to my lair with a cocktail to blog. I think I will start the cobblestone sweater from the latest issue of Interweave Knits tonight. I need to get my knitting mojo back and I think that a simple Gansey type sweater will be the way to go.

Have a good weekend y'all

Knitting not Buying in Manhattan