IG Sweater

I mentioned a while ago that I was interested in trying an Italian Greyhound sweater. I found a pattern (members.aol.com/Graceleb/pattern.html) and gave it a try. Other than being a little too big (to be expected since the pattern calls for a K/P ribbing the WHOLE way through and I switched to a garter stitch after the neck) I'm really happy with it. Apparently our dog is too. She grumped at me when I took it off her last night :-)

The "armpits" were a little loose, so I sewed them a little tighter. For the record, I used DPNs - if you decide to do that instead of using a circular needle make sure you have 5 of them - 4 isn't quite enough.

What a fun little sweater - I'll make it again! Next time I think I'll make a "button hole" so that I could attach a leash at the base of the turtleneck.

Grace and Peace,


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Looks great. Hope the little one enjoys it too.


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Oh it's lovely (the dog and the sweater!!!). I made one that ended up as an auction item for our IG Rescue fundraiser. It fetched a whole $20.

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Great work! I also jumped onto your blog and saw you made a pumpkin hat... where did you find the pattern for that?! I'm trying to find one but I am not having much luck finding a style I like (but I do like your's!)

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There're a couple of pumpkin hats out there. This is a stand alone pattern by Ann Norling - it's actually a pattern for "Fruit Hats" -- they make cute pumpkins, strawberries, raspberries, etc. It's pattern #10.

Quick little things to knit up -- I like stuff with a quick pay off :-)

Grace and Peace,

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What a cute dog. My IG has a wardrobe of sweaters that she loves to wear.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Lucky dog! The little sweater is cute and the pup looks pretty happy!

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