And so it begins...

First off, this is my first ever blog. Ever. I know, right? Now that my roommate has gotten sick of hearing about my knitting escapades, and my boss, and my friends (both of them), and my family, I can share that delightful experience with you, the annonymous reader.

Having said all of that, I'm stoked! I have just started my first "big" project -- Opperation Man Sweater. My confidence was boosted after I completed the beer coozie from Knitting With Balls. As a by the way, I found that the chenile-y type yarn (which I generally think is awful and should be used to build highways on the moon) is actually excellent for this project, as it's comfortable to hold, AND doesn't let moisture through. I went with some frilly bits, since it's for a friend of mine. But I was not satisfied...

Needing a non-threatening first sweater pattern that wasn't like a drop cloth, I was excited to find the boot-cut sweater in Knitting With Balls. The picture shows the bootcut bottom edge, which I hope ends up looking like something!

We'll see how this all works -- this is the first time I've made a fitted garment, and I'm testing the waters! I even made a swatch! Go me, right?


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Van't go wrong with a Beer Cozy dude! lol! It's very debonaire. Blogging is fun and we appreciate you sharing your craft with us. Welcome.

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looks like you have a good start for your sweater - congrats on taking the plunge... I am making a sweater with the same type of split hem on the bottom - but it's from Elizabeth Zimmerman.... it's simliar though...

way to go! and welcome to MWK!



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Looks great! I'm considering taking up a sweater soon... but it still intimidates the heck outta me! Maybe you'll puch me over the edge and make me do it.

You know, the more I work on it, the more I realize that there was nothing to freak out about! I hope I/m not speaking too soon, but as long as I check my measurments with the guage, it shouldn't be THAT bad to figure out...

Here's something, though -- I want to make some modifications to the basic design. First off, the neck is also the boot-cut, slit kind, so I think I'm gonna get some grommets and lace it up with leather cord. Anyone have any suggestions for that? Then, I'm gonna add a 'cigarette' pocket on the left sleeve, but I'm trying to think of some kind of design to put somewhere. I like the turquoise/brown combo, but I want to accent in other places, ya know? I'm thinkin' maybe a skull and crossbones on the pocket... ideas?

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