Baby items

I haven't posted for a while, but I've actually been working on a bunch of projects. This one is a hat and mittens for our friends' 9-month old. I've already gotten another request from other friends of ours. And since it's actually starting to feel like fall, I should get on those.

I also just started a lace pattern--(dimple shale scarf from knitpicks), but it has my mind going to so many other projects. So far the scarf is coming along well. I love the way the pattern looks in the yarn and it is so much less boring than stockinette or garter or ribbing.

Oh, I also made the cutest gift for my one-year-old nephew--a crocheted octopus. My sister-in-law says that he loves it, and best of all it has no small parts or lead paint!

I'll try to get more pictures up as I finish this next slew of items.



Cool, I just knitted some mittens for my 7 month old gradson. I like the hat. Not sure that Oliver would keep it on though. It's getting nippy here in London, trees changing colour, foggy mornings. I love the changing seasons.

Knit away, knit away

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Beautiful work. Yes, I would like to see that octopus. I think knitting for children is so satisfying and you don't even have to know them as there are so many charities that need our work. Well done. Congratulations.

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Great! I like it when people knit for bubs. I bet you get lots of orders for more!

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