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A friend just moved here to Michigan from Florida and is already complaining about the cold and it was only in the 50s last night...(What a wimp!) He's said on several occasions that he'd like a scarf and he'd like it in Bear colors (black, various shades of browns and tans) BUT, he hates wool with a passion. It's too scratchy and makes him break out. (If he doesn't stop complaining and messing with the thermostat I might demonstrate that ANY yarn made into a scarf will irritate the throat if it's tightened enough, but I digress!)
I would rather not use separate colors because I'm lousy at weaving in ends and it's such a tedious job. Can anyone recommend a non-wool yarn in variegated colors of browns and black that would be suitable for a scarf? Oh, and affordable, too. I've heard of a bamboo yarn. Anyone used it yet and how did you like it?
(This is my first attempt at a posting of any sort and wasn't sure if I should have blogged it or done a forum topic. Usually I'm just a lurker in any group.)


I am sorry I cannot help you but to say (in an evil laugh)...tell him to wait til January to know what cold is.

(I grew up in MI)

When I started knitting, I was just a broke college student, so I know about affordable yarn! Still being on a budget, I am always on the lookout for "guy" colors at cheap prices. I can't think of a variagated yarn right off, but I know that Michael's where I am had a sale (2 for $5) on the Vannah White yarn (I had no idea she knitted...weird.) It was very soft, some kind of acrylic, and they had black, brown, and I think some kind of tan-ish color.

Other than that, I can't think of anything else... Good luck!

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Lion Brand yarn is a good cheap alternative that has a bunch of acrylic options and are available in most big-box type stores (Joann, Walmart, etc). Some variagated/multicolor are Jiffy and Landscapes. Some Lion Brand yarns do have wool in them, so just read the label.

Cotton is another alternative. It is not as warm as wool, but it can be knit tightly. Knit picks (online) has some nice cotton blends that are relatively cheap.

Good luck.

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I'd suggest alpaca, it is super soft and doesn't scratch like some wools. Webs knitting yarn and (online shops) both have reasonably priced yarn, particularly elann.

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Being a Floridian trucker I can say I know how he feels. /Anything below 70 is uncomfortable.

As for the yarn, check out some of the Simply Soft line.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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you could always try your hand at dying your own yarn, so yes it'll be variegated, but will have a shade effect (depending on how you separate the yarn into the vats).

i had this woman i used to work with who was allergic to ALL natural fibers, and i knitted her a scarf with wool and mohair, and NOT ONCE did she break BAH to wool being itchy & depends on the quality of the wool, how it's washed & spun, etc. you could always soak the wool in lukewarm water w/ a few squirts of conditioner in it to soften the wool. but i've bought some VERY soft wool...very soft.

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