Sweater Progress

So I've been stitching away on this sweater, and it gets more and more gratifying! However, I've run into an issue that has me worried...if you can tell from the photo, the bottom edge of the sweater (where the boot-cut part is) has the annoying tendancy to curl upwards...I know that the whole of the sweater is done in St st and that just happens, but I purposely did the bottom edge in seed st to try to stop that. It may not even be a problem, but is that something that can be fixed in blocking? I've never blocked anything before (so be expecting an S.O.S. before to long), but it's just buggin' me.

Oh, and I now keep a pack of band-aids in my knitting bag -- I found that I guide the tip of the needle through each stitch with the pointer on my left hand (knitting English style, 'cause that's how I roll), but after several thousand stitches, it hurt like the dickens! Until I hear about some kind of knitting thimble out there, a band-aid works quite well. Not to mention that mine is a Pirate band-aid...ha HA!


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Someone in my knitting group suggested a row of crochet around the bottom might solve that problem if blocking doesn't stop it.

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Great progress with the sweater, and your finger will get used to the being stabbed so you want need the band aid anymore.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.